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Asma Rahimyar

Hi! My name is Asma Rahimyar, and I’m a senior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. I am so excited to be this year’s State President! I’ll always be grateful for what being a part of FCCLA has done for me. This club has helped me grow as a leader and as a person, giving me a voice as well as so many opportunities to use it in a positive way. I believe everyone has that kind of voice within themselves too- and I look forward to working with all of our members as they make a difference in our communities and grow into all they can be!

When I’m not in school or involved with FCCLA, I love hanging out with friends, travelling, and baking. It’s going to be a great year!

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Vice President of Communications
Lucy Stone

Hi! My name is Lucy Stone and I am a junior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. I’ve been a member of FCCLA for 2 years, and this is my first year being a part of the state council! I’m Vice President of Communications at the state level, and I’m excited to contribute to all the aspects that makes FCCLA so great!

Outside of FCCLA and school, I love to spend my free time volunteering with animals, hanging out with my friends, and working with kids! FCCLA is so much more than just a club to me. It has helped me develop leadership skills, and has prepared me for life outside of high school. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new and exciting things that FCCLA has in store for us this year!

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Vice President of Community Service:
Ashley Catalano

My name is Ashley Catalano, and I’m a junior at Fairfield Warde High School. I just joined FCCLA last year, and am now the President of my school chapter.

When I’m not at FCCLA, you can find me playing the guitar, or hanging out with my friends. My life goal is to become a successful fashion designer, so you can also find me designing, making, and styling clothes.

Over the past year FCCLA has become very important to me. It helped me to strengthen my leadership skills and learn how to set realistic goals. I am very excited to be in the State Office, and hope that I can help others, the way FCCLA has helped me.

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Katrina Hon

Hi! My name is Katrina Hon, and I am a junior at Pomperaug High School. I have been a part of FCCLA for three years now, and I’m so happy to be involved on the state council this year as well! I am the treasurer and can’t wait to work together with you all in developing FCCLA together!

In addition to being involved with my school and FCCLA, I also enjoy art, track, swim, and hanging out with my friends! FCCLA has inspired and guided me in growing as both a person and a leader. It has allowed me to learn many crucial life skills that I know will help me for the rest of my life! I’m so excited to work with you all in making this year great!

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Vice President of Public Relations
Jessica Jean

I’m Jessica Jean, and I'm a senior at New Fairfield High School. I’m president of my chapter.  I was born and raised in New York, but just recently moved to Connecticut.  I'm a Leo. I enjoy shopping, listening to music and dance. I enjoy anything involving makeup and fashion. I am also in the process of starting my own YouTube channel. I'm a very big advocate for being yourself, being true to yourself, and just being independent.

I love helping others, and I’m a very big family person. I want to become a corporate lawyer after college. I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you at our upcoming fall conference. 

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